It started in 1983 when the 2 buddies Chris and Jan founded the band. The band got it’s name when they were asked to write the titlesong for a film called "Wild Force" the film was going to be directed by Renny Harlin and produced by Markus Selin. Wild Force got it’s name and a song was written called Wild Force but the movie was never shot.

In spring -85 W.F released its first single in title "You’re alright/ Only the strong survive". Late fall that same year Putte "Ozzy" Jansson (drums) and Tom Jansson (bass) (not releated) joined the band. Mauri Wälimäki (keyboard) also stepped back in for the North Sweden Tour, from which there are a lot of funny stories that wasn’t that funny at the time.

In spring - 86 W.F won the finnish Rock-King competition and got to release their second single in title "Wild Force/Inside lookin’ out". Tom joined the army and Lido Salonen played bass. Later the same year W.F was singned to the independing recordlabel Lace Factory Ltd. and distributed by CBS (Sony Music).

In the beginning of -87 W.F recorded their third single "Frozen hearts/Don’t rush your future" at Sonet studio Stockholm, with producer Dan Sundquist. They shot their first video, "Frozen hearts" directed by Anders Engström, in an empty cold factory at nights in spring the same year. 2 weeks in the hottest of July the were at Ton&Teknik Umeå recording songs for their debut album. They finnished the recordings at B3B studio in Stockholm were the album also were mixed by Dan Sundquist. It was released in Finland in fall the same year. At the same time keyboardplayer Hexa Elo joined the band and Tom was back on bass.

In March -88 They went over to Los Angeles to shot 2 videos with director Renny Harlin and producer Markus Selin the songs were the upcoming singles "S.O.P.H.I.A and I want you to stay". At the same time they played a gig at the world famous L.A rock club "The Whisky". The album was released in Sweden and Norway in the spring and in Spain later the same year. After the Us visit they toured for the summer and in to late fall. At the same time Music TV-Europe started running their video of S.O.P and in Jan.-89 "I want you to stay" was on the playlist and aired many times per day for several weeks.

In spring -89 Tom left the band. The rest of the band went back into Sonet Studio to record 4 songs, with Dan Sundquist, of which " Wasting your time/ Orly" was going to be mixed at Polar studio and released as the next single in the summer of -89. In the fall W.F went to Hungary to write more songs in a studio outside Budapest. After dissagreements with Dan, WF continued the recordings of the upcoming album, with bassplayer Mats Engberg in Ton & Teknik and produced the rest of the album themselves. The recordings were finnished at Persikka studio in Pori in the summer -90 and mixed at B3B in the fall by Mats Lindfors. Mats Engberg didn’t want to go touring so Micke Reinoldson (he too from Umeå) stepped in right before the release of the next single "Junle of Love/ Iwant you to stay" and the making of the video. The video was shot partly at Club 25 in Vaasa and partly in Istanbul,it was directed by Anders Engström.

The album was to be released on Epic (Sony Music) in the beginning of -91, but was not released before late April. W.F did a release gig in Vaasa at Club 25 on a Tuesday in April in front of an intusiastic audience. The evening didn’t start too good, in the first song of the set Chris jumped off the drum-riser and hurted his knee so bad that he had to stand on one foot for the whole set and be carried off stage after the gig. It meant that he stood with crutches in Helsinki 2 days later at the actual release gig. You don’t cancel gigs because of a bum knee.

The following year it started to get hard to keep the band together, mainly ‘cause of the distance between the members in the band, Hexa lived in Helsinki, Micke in Umeå and was concatrating on his own band, X-Union. So in spring -92 Wild Force did their last gigs with Tom back on bass.

Wild Force did one more gig in the nineties at Puttes memorial concert, he died of cancer 20 July -96. It was an acoustic set but with Putte playing drums on the last song "Jungle of love" from a screen with picture from the video and sound from the tape where he’d been recorded. Everybody was moved to tears.

Wild Force played together for the first time in 9 years, in July 2005. The lineup was Jan Stolpe guitar, Tom Jansson bass, Chris R.Holm Leadvoc and guitar, Hexa Elo keyboards and Stefan Brokvist drums. The reason why they got together, was their old friend Lasse Backlunds birthday party at Strampen in Waasa. The following day they did one more gig infront of a full house. What a night. It worked out so good that we’re probably gona see them together on stage again.